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ACI Logistix Labs is live!

ACI Group, our parcel logisitcs and media services client based in Long Beach, California, has begun operating its new Bangalore, India-based technology unit, ACI Logistix Labs.

This new analytics and technology center of excellence is the successful culmination of a 2 year journey in guiding ACI’s digital transformation strategy as they focus on growing their new international parcel logistics unit.

Corestrat Labs applied the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model to ACI’s ambition of creating a center of technology excellence in India. ACI’s objective has been to modernise its technology infrastructure and IT capabilities to accompany its aim of becoming a leader in the small parcel distribution business in America.

Kartik Ramachandran, the founder and CEO of Corestrat Labs, commented: “We started with the introduction of data (P&L and KPI) visualisation and automation development to intelligently automate administrative team functions. Corestrat Labs engaged the support of ACI’s leadership team to help accelerate the digital transformation process by leveraging our technology team in India. We hired a dedicated team for ACI, built out the infrastructure and began interfacing with ACI’s US operations. ACI’s benefits from Corestrat’s deep industry expertise, an affordable team of highly-skilled developers and machine learning engineers to transform the way the company utilizes data, thus enabling analytics-driven decision making. This provides ACI with the technology strength, advanced analytics insight, and scale to grow the parcel logistics business into the leading independent middle and final mile distribution network in the United States.“

As of 1 June, Corestrat Labs handed over the ACI Logistix Labs and its new office of 600 square meters and 30 team members, effectively transferring ACI’s new wholly owned subsidiary into their CTO office.

Keith Somers, CEO of ACI Group summarised the benefits of this partnership with Corestrat Labs: “Digital transformation has disrupted the competitive nature of our business and it is now fundamental to meet the dynamic needs of the changing business landscape. We are building a competitive advantage by inculcating a digital-first culture across the entire organization, from R&D, corporate finance to operational execution. Our technology capability is positioning ACI to become the leading-edge parcel delivery and media services provider in the US while at the same time delivering significant cost savings.  We have achieved over 35% savings in our technology and finance teams through optimized staffing. Additionally we have witnessed a marked improvement in available cash flow through real-time financial close reporting and visualisation, faster invoicing and payment cycles, as well as reduced manual reporting development of the finance team.”

We at Corestrat Labs strongly believe that businesses want control over their digital future and that outsourcing and advisory should only be a temporary solution. A company of any size and sector should set its overarching strategic objective to in-source critical digital competencies. The Build-Operate-Transfer model plays a significant role in helping companies scale, develop new capabilities, and stay competitive all while saving on costs and resources.

Please reach out should you be interested in evaluating how Corestrat Labs can support your digital transformation and data analytics journey. From streamlining and scaling your business’ core finance processes to advanced process automation and predictive analytics, we provide best-in-class strategic analytics solutions with over 60 years of management expertise in leading financial institutions across 5 continents.