Corestrat Labs is looking for enthusiastic high achievers who are looking to reinvent through technology. Our team of data scientists, quants, financial experts and advisors is emersed in collaboration, and is focused on making a dent in the universe with you.

Our strategy is to partner with clients to help them advance their data analytics and insights, products, and experiences so that they are quickly able to evolve and grow in today’s market.

Our open culture enables us to attract and retain top talent structured for innovation, learning, and unique problem solving. We are hyper-focused on our passion for discovering new things. The result is a remarkable mix of technology expertise and business intellect in a team that can deliver the results our clients deserve.

Corestrat Labs is based out of London, UK and Bangalore, India, but our expansive technology services span the globe and cater to businesses ranging from mid-cap, privately owned operations, to Fortune 500 companies.

Would you like to join our team?