Our unique SAAAS solution simplifies everything. We build smart platforms, integrating advanced analytics to automate process workflows.

For all business challenges we apply an agile approach, seeking to define the client’s problem, understand how data is involved, and strive to create an intelligent analytics platform to utilise data to achieve the business objectives.



Automated decision making solutions


Disruptive Analytics Embedded on Smart Platform


Translating sophisticated data analysis into simple actionable insights

Smarter Analytics As A Service (SAAAS)

Our SAAAS platforms are cloud hosted with simplified data management architecture and a collaborative plug-and-play API integration. We apply our core SAAAS solution around our client’s data, adapting as necessary to achieve the business objectives.

Here are our 2 primary SAAAS platform applications which can be easily adapted to any company with minimal customization:

SME Finance Automation Platform

Seamless integration of traditional and alternate data to simplify and speed up core finance and accounting functions.

Dynamic Digital Risk Decisioning Engine

End-to-End AI-driven smart workflow platform for dynamic decisioning. This scalable and modular application, including seamless integration of data and analytics, can be quickly customised for all types of digital lending originations.


Our advanced analytics solutions can be applied to many industries and company sizes. At Corestrat Labs we have developed 2 core models which are being customized and implemented in client companies:

Asset Manager Analyzer – This is a strategy box integrating diverse client data, machine learning based models, and institutional experience to optimise wealth / equity  portfolio management activities.

Dynamic Risk Score – Backed by algorithmic approach & deep risk expertise, these analytics enable clients to mitigate credit or cash flow risks or optimize investment opportunity in new projects.


We build on top of a company’s existing BI platforms, seamlessly integrating traditional and new alternative data which our data scientists develop together with our client’s financial or analysis teams.

Corestrat’s team of data engineers, scientists and visualization engineers ensure that the visualization tools built allow users at all levels to intuitively connect with data to make new discoveries. The visualization techniques and user-friendly features provide deeper functional and business insights.

The end result is a fully digital end-to-end BI platform which provides better insights and decision-making criteria utilizing internal and external data sources.

We can do all of this for a fraction of the cost and faster than working with larger system / captive integrators.


ACI Group leverages Corestrat Labs smart platform technology to enhance ACI’s financial, accounting and analytics capabilities.

Corestrat Labs Finance Automation platform allows ACI to streamline and efficiently ramp up its core finance processes: BPF (Budgeting, Planning, Forecasting), Order to Cash (OTC), Record to Report (R2R) and Purchase to Pay (P2P).

Manual journal entries and adjustments, reconciliations by hand, developing paper trails for audit demands, and repetitive data extracts from ERP and sub-ledgers consume a vast amount of talent and resources. Corestrat Labs partners closely with the ACI finance team, dedicating Corestrat Labs’ finance technology team to automate processes where possible to stay on top of fast-growing transaction volumes, as ACI Group revenues double within a 12 month period. Specifically:

  • Automation of Quickbooks ledger posting to P&L visualisation
  • A/P and A/R – all automated
  • Payroll
  • BI & Advanced Analytics

The result is 35% savings on planned HR hiring and salary costs, marked improvement in available cash flow through faster invoicing and payment cycles, reduced manual reporting development of finance team as the Finance Automation platform automates reports utilizing its proprietary advanced analytics to feed directly into ACI’s Power BI instance.