Our Mission

We help businesses gather, simplify and utilize data to become more competitive through faster innovation and smarter capital investment.

Our Approach

Our growth and evolution reflect an uncompromising focus on the needs of our clients. As a business services analytics company,  we strive to innovate from the end goal and work back to map out flexible, creative solutions tailored to client needs
Coresmart’s strategy integrates innovation with core digital workflow. We are focused and committed in enabling a disruptive technology solution.

We are Business Intelligence

Corestrat Labs’ smarter data analytics is designed to translate sophisticated data analysis into simple actionable insights. 

Our team of data scientists and financial engineers ideates and produces innovative solutions using primarily artificial intelligence and deep learning models.

Leading Through Excellence

At Corestrat Labs success is client satisfaction, and we believe it comes down to these fundamentals:

  • Philosophy – We design solutions to meet our clients goals.
  • People – Our people are experts in their subject matter domains.
  • Process – We apply rigorous due diligence to enable analytically advantaged solutions across all our service and research offerings.